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The home of onboarding and contribution guidelines for Trimble GitHub users of all stripes: open source, inner source and projects for specific internal teams.

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Getting Started

Note: these instructions currently apply to Trimble employees. These guidelines will be updated in the future for projects that accept outside contributions.

Please be sure you read through the following bullet points and take any necessary action.

Request to Join

Use the following template to prepare and send us an email with you request to join the Trimble GitHub organization and enterprise.

Dear Trimble GitHub Enterprise Administrators,

I have added the GitHub - Trimble application to my Okta account. Please
grant access for my GitHub account:

{ @yourgithubaccount }

{ Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at Trimble. }

I am joining because I...

{ desire to contribute to a particular repository or initiative, such as Trimble Modus. }
{ desire to join an existing organization within the Trimble GitHub enterprise. }
{ etc. }


{your name}

  1. You can use a personal GitHub account or create a work specific one, it’s up to you. Trimble SSO will work with either.